Sign On To The Six Big Ideas

  • A ‘cradle-to-cradle’ approach to consumption where the linear model of consumption is replaced with a circular model emphasising longevity and reuse.

  • Ensuring business leaders understand the financial value of the environment and putting it on the balance sheet.

  • Redirecting government payments from polluters to problem solvers.

  • Well designed regulations that control unsustainable behaviour.

  • Measuring prosperity through natural and social capital.

  • Skilling Victorians with knowledge about natural capital.

By signing your business on, you’re making a powerful statement in support of positioning Victoria for the future economy.

Signed by

Andigen International Pty Ltd
Arc Communications
Connect Sustainability
Echidna Walkabout
Environment Shop
G and G E Cerini
Grand Ridge Organics
Karl Reed & Assoc
Reade’s Weeds
Tintmaster Pty Ltd
Useful Things Pty Ltd
Zeedo Gifting

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